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Vedanta IAS academy is a nonprofit, private education organization. Our Academy was initiated in order to cater the needs of all the IAS aspirants since 1997.
Its goal is to be the global untied empowerment organization, empowering, inspiring and mobilizing young people to find and share their voice on the issues that matter to them and to the world.

Vedanta IAS Academy is the No.1 institute in India which helps young people of our country to better themselves their communities and to better our Nation. We give them the space to bring about transformation in themselves and their communities, and make a positive impact as a result our academy also focus on the distance learning students so that we can serve the best through online classes and can give our best comfort to get the best out of it

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Chairman's Message

Vedanta IAS academy has been working as an organization for the UPSC Ias aspirants.
My aim is to enhance all aspects of our country’s IAS aspirants by providing them with proper platform. Our academy aims at bringing together all the aspirants irrespective of caste, creed, race or their social and economic status thus providing support in building a better future through various (full and short term) courses.

Our team has properly focused on the distance learning students to be comfortable with smart classes, recorded classes, test series, study material and Marathon Revisions. VIAS coaching modules comprising of specially.designed and updated study material including the large variety of questions generally asked in competitive examinations.
You will be getting the opportunities of studying in small batches with spacious classrooms, all air conditions in a very serene environment. We provide you the smart classes along with library facilities and expert experience facilities.

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Coaching Center

Vedanta IAS Academy offers a variety of facilities for UPSC preparation, all of which are crucial for students to pass their exams. We have the best and most qualified faculty for teaching and training civil services.

Individualized guidance for students is available every time to help them whenever in need. A two-way online classroom facility has been introduced already to give online training to those students who cannot attend offline classes.

Academy has fully furnished classrooms. For both the prelims and the mains of UPSC, the academy organizes test series to check the actual performance. All the students have Access to course materials in online mode.


Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. My soul line is a little progress each day adds up the big results.There may be large no. of coaching institutes in and around Delhi but our VIAS Academy is the best among all because we work as per our students comfort. So at the end , I would like wish all the IAS aspirants All the best. I wish you success in energy walk of life

Head Of Department (HOD) Message


Dear Frirnds.
It gives me immense pride and satisfaction for being associated with Vedanta IAS Academy, The India's No.1 Institutte for UPSC.
Our Motto is to provide entire Education from Foundation to the target to all the IAS Aspirants so that they come up with Flying beautiful colors and serve our nation with their best efforts.
It was once said that. India's Destiny is being Shaped in four walls.
In four walls of class rooms Educational, Institute wasexpected to work together with Students and Teacherto develop Good Human resource for the welfare mankind however, in the present scenario. india's destiny is being shaped both in and outside your walls.
I wish you all a very happy and Successful year full of laurels and accolades.
I express my sincere Thanks for Placing your trust and Confidence in me to lead our Vedanta IAS Academy.

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