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Test Series Are available both online & offline.


VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY is a nonprofit, private education organization. Our Academy was initiated in order to cater the needs of all the IAS aspirants since 1997. Its goal is to be the global untied empowerment organization, empowering, inspiring and mobilizing young people to find and share their voice on the issues that matter to them and to the world. Vedanta IAS Academy is the No.1 institute in India which helps young people of our country to better themselves their communities and to better our Nation. We give them the space to bring about transformation in themselves and their communities, and make a positive impact as a result our academy also focus on the distance learning students so that we can serve the best through online classes and can give our best comfort to get the best out of it Our chairman and founder of Vedanta IAS Academy is Mr. S.P Verma. His prior focus is on providing quality education and the other amenities which facilitates the successful results to serve our nation the best our to civil coaching center works on proper mentorship of the students by providing seminars, counseling, revision and doubt clearing classes Vedanta IAS Academy offers a variety of facilities for UPSC preparations Vedanta IAS Academy and most qualified faculty for teaching and training civil service. We educate them in a manner so that they can become capable to score good rank to join. Vedanta IAS Academy offers a variety of facilities for UPSC preparation, all of which are crucial for students to pass their exams. We have the best and most qualified faculty for teaching and training civil services. Individualized guidance for students is available every time to help them whenever in need. A two-way online classroom facility has been introduced already to give online training to those students who cannot attend offline classes. VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY has fully furnished classrooms. For both the prelims and the mains of UPSC, the academy organizes test series to check the actual performance. All the students have Access to course materials in online mode. Various Programs are there for interview help. Vedanta IAS academy has it's own library building where students can study till they want. Our courses are offered in both Hindi and English language. Students get regular classes on current events. Due to our wide range of facilities, Vedanta IAS academy is listed among the top civil coaching centers in New Delhi.
Our faculty is not only highly knowledgeable, but also quite experienced to help our students in cracking the UPSC Exam with great success in the first attempt itself. Besides, in order to provide quality education and guidance, small batches are run for the benefit of students. We work towards guiding the aspirants in joining the Indian Civil Services.
It must never be forgotten that it’s only an unbiased and absolutely unprejudiced individual who makes a good Civil Servant. And to top it all, an IAS aspirant needs to be further capable of understanding the society before even thinking of administering the same.
And that explains why most of the aspirants fail to score well in the Mains in spite of burning the midnight oil for the Exam. During the Mains, these are the answers that you pen down that would speak for you! UPSC will not allow you a good score if what you write does not convey the message of you as a potential administrator. And any candidate with a biased mind cannot answer to any question in an unbiased manner! And that’s why the aspirants end up with a poor score in spite of studying hard!
We at VEDANTA, see to it that our students are well equipped with answer writing skills, of the kind, that convey them as a potential administrator to UPSC. No wonder, they not only crack the UPSC Exam in the first attempt, but their ranks are also high enough to allow them to join the Indian Administrative Services.
VEADANTA IAS ACADEMY is certainly the best IAS Academy in Delhi, India and enjoys an excellent reputation as an institution that considers its responsibility to inculcate self-confidence in an IAS aspirant’s personality and in developing the required skills, thus allowing him/her to easily rank ahead of others. Thus, stepping into this institute is a worthy choice that any IAS aspirant is likely to make.


VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY has been working as an organization for the UPSC Ias aspirants.My aim is to enhance all aspects of our country’s IAS aspirants by providing them with proper platform. Our academy aims at bringing together all the aspirants irrespective of caste, creed, race or their social and economic status thus providing support in building a better future through various (full and short term) courses. Our team has properly focused on the distance learning students to be comfortable with smart classes, recorded classes, test series, study material and Marathon Revisions. VIAS coaching modules comprising of specially. designed and updated study material including the large varieties of questions generally asked in competitive examinations. You will be getting the opportunities of studying in small batches with spacious classrooms, all air conditions in a very serene environment. We provide you the smart classes along with library facilities and expert experience facilities. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. My soul line is a little progress each day adds up the big results. There may be large no. of coaching institutes in and around Delhi but our VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY is the best among all because we work as per our students comfort. So at the end , I would like wish all the IAS aspirants All the best. I wish you success in energywalk of life.

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VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY is the Best IAS academy in Delhi. We have been helping students prepare for the prestigious Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. The academy was founded in 1997 by S P Verma Sir and since then through hard work, has become the top VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY in Delhi.
Our Chairman, S.P. Verma Sir has been providing proper guidance and support to tackle the nuisances of this competitive examination. We prioritize in providing the students with a learning and competitive environment which enhances the performance of students. We believe that every student deserves an effective and impactful education that truly prepares them for success.

Why should you choose VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY in Delhi for IAS Preparation?

VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY believes that their students are the top priority and therefore, our utmost focus is on providing quality education and other amenities which facilitates the success of our students.
Facilities provided by THE VEDANTA IAS ACADEMY:-
• Best and Experienced Faculty
• Personal mentoring for student
• 2-Way online classes
• Highly Equipped Classrooms
• UPSC like test series for both prelims and mains

• Online availability of course material

• Interview guidance program

• Revision and doubt clearing classes

• Library facility

• Courses in English and Hindi both

• Weekly test series

• Regular Current affairs classes

We have two branches in Delhi i.e Vedanta IAS Academy in Rohini, at D-11/156, Sector 8, Rohini (East Metro Opp-Pillar No-389), Delhi-85 and Vedanta IAS Academy in Mukherjee Nagar at Batra Cinema, Ground floor, Dr Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi 110009
Visit our Online IAS Portal for more information.
The idea of Vedanta IAS Academy came alive due to the efforts of our Chairman S. P. Verma Sir. He established this institution in 1997 in Delhi. Vedanta IAS Academy started its first Batch in 1997, with a promise that we will provide good education, therefore now Vedanta is the best IAS coaching in Delhi.
Vedanta Branches – Vedanta IAS Academy in Rohini Sector 8 and Vedanta IAS Academy in Mukherjee Nagar (Batra Cinema)
We have multiple Lecture Halls in Rohini and Mukherjee Nagar. The classes are held in both Hindi and English medium.
Civil Services Examination is known to be the toughest Examination, and is also known as the IAS Exam. The examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission annually. Vedanta IAS Academy is the best IAS coaching in Delhi for the UPSC preparation. Vedanta IAS Academy provides the right approach and strategy so that aspirants can crack the examination in the first attempt.
It is essential for aspirants to know and understand the requirement of the examination including the UPSC syllabus, IAS pattern, UPSC Exam eligibility and criteria amongst other significant details before starting the preparation. Vedanta VEDANTA IAS coaching classes provides full explanation of the course and exam structure and mentor aspirants in cracking this examination. We encourage UPSC aspirants to join the All India Services such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) etc. by approaching the Examination in the right manner.

Mrs.Pallavi Kedia

Dear Friends,It gives me immense pride and satisfaction for being associated with Vedanta Ias Academy, the India's No. 1 Institute for UPSC. Our motto is to provide entire education from foundation to the target to all the ias aspirants so that they come up with flying beautiful colors and serve our nation with their best efforts. It was once said that. India's Destiny is being shaped both in and outside your walls.I wish you all a very happy and successful year full of laurels and accolades.I express my sincere thanks for placing your trust and confidence in me to lead our Vedanta Ias Academy.

"उठो जागो और तब तक नहीं रुको जब तक लक्ष्य प्राप्त न हो जाये "


Mr. Abhishek Srivastava

Dear Friends,your decision to pursue civil services as a careers is undoubtedly appreciable and you deserve a big congratulations for it because civil services not only offers you a lucrative job, but also construe a platform to give services to depressed and needy.This career opportunity will definitely enhance your potential in defferent sectors and have satisfaction of serving country.In context to this Vedanta Ias Academy is importing education for last 25 years to make you part of bureaucracy a student under Vedanta Ias Academy will lack nothing in terms of support from the faculty management and administrative staff.We aim to tend a gentle guiding hand so that our students recognize their inner potential and grow of their own according to tomorrow society.At the end i wish all the ias aspirants all the best with the motivational message that.

"सपने और लक्ष्य में यही अंतर हैं कि सपने के लिए बिना मेहनत कि नींद चाहिए और लक्ष्य के लिए बिना नींद की मेहनत "


Mr. Ravi Ranjan

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning. studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are going or learning to do."


Mr. Naveen Yadav

"Wasting time is stupidity: utilize every second and live with dignity."



"यह सच है कि आबाज ऊँची हो तो कुछ लोग सुनते है, मगर बात ऊँची हो तो बहुत सारे लोग सुनते हैं!!"


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